Guys, please help. I am trying build a stock...

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Guys, please help.

I am trying build a stock inventory. But every time scan for “out activity”, the item name is not change to proprietary name.(only list the first of stock name).

I put LOOKUP, but still the same,

Is there any mistake procedure ?

Can someone help me

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so you dont want anything to be shown if [Barcode] is blank, right?

just wrap your LOOKUP with an if() statement.



“” )

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@Jonas I need the name listed as proper of reader from barcode. If I scan barcode on row 01 should name appear name item of row 01…en so on

for barcode at row 02 name should name item of row 02

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I would the result when I scan barcode are :

70563xxxx translated to “keyboard” at name of application 1234567xxxx should translated to “Desk phone”

In my case no matter I scan for many items on stock, the name only stated “keyboard”

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  • remove blank cells from your sheet above your headers - try using select() instead of lookup():