Had an issue with photos: Recently removed a...

(Jason Butnor) #1

Had an issue with photos:

Recently removed a photo from Google Drive. The app after syncing several times still shows the old photo rather than a blank placeholder.

I noticed that if you don’t actually remove the file name from image cell in the spreadsheet that AppSheet will continue to populate the image in the app regardless of it actually being present in your Google Drive. Not a major source of frustration but it was a head-scratcher for a couple minutes.

Is this a bug or part of the Apps charm/features?

(Philip Garrett) #2


Image retrieval and resizing is expensive. To improve performance we cache the retrieved and resized image on our server. If someone refers to the image, we retrieve it from our cache. Eventually the image will “age out” of the cache. At that point, the image will no longer be displayed.