Hamburger menu item not showing

I have a hamburger menu view that show in the emulator for designated user determined by a LookUp but does not show up when I am using the email for the creator. What am I missing here?

Please post a screenshot of the complete Show if expression for the view.

Lookup(useremail(), “Employees”, “Email”, “Position”)= “Manager”,
Lookup(useremail(), “Employees”, “Email”, “Position”)= “Supervisor”,
useremail() = ??

I’ve tried various “Useremail() = _________” with no success.

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I believe the app emulator (assuming that’s where this is a problem) doesn’t fully implement the settable user email address throughout the app. I encourage you to engage with this.

Give a try putting the below expression. It works for me.

IN(USEREMAIL(),SELECT(Employees[Email], OR([Position] = “Manager”,[Position] = “Supervisor”))),
USEREMAIL() = “”).


Thansk Sai. It works for me too. I’ve been talking to support about this because the creator email shouldn’t have to be called out, I wouldn’t think.