Happy Friday, everyone! Yesterday's AppSheet ...

(Madeline Clarke [AppSheet]) #1

Happy Friday, everyone! Yesterday’s AppSheet Office Hours episode is up. This time, we demoed building an inspections/auditing app, showing how to structure columns, customize forms, and send notifications through Slack.

Here’s the comprehensive list of questions we answered:

By default it looks like I can add new rows into the table that I have. But sometimes when I start a new application, I can’t add new rows by default. What can I do to make sure that I’m able to add new rows to the app? | 14:31

So we have the form set up right now and each team member logs in. They see the full form and have to find the piece of equipment that they’re inspecting right now. One way to do it is to enter the machine ID, but how can I speed up the input process so that they don’t have to type in an ID? | 15:48

When AppSheet suggests adding another table, it’s because there’s an additional sheet that it recognizes in the same workbook as the data I’ve initially added to my app. What if the additional data I want to add is in another workbook or database entirely? | 17:49

How can I add a new field on the form? | 20:00

How can I easily guide the user to spot on a question/checklist item? When the list of questions is far too long, I don’t set the column as “required”, as users are temporarily save the form and then put the answer afterwards. This is inevitable, but negative point is the user may forget to put the answer and leave the column unanswered. From the user point of view, it is difficult to locate only the columns which they left unanswered as they need to get through the long list of the form view, from A to Z. Any fantastic ideas or tips to solve these problems? | 22:53

What if the machine ID is represented in a barcode, QR code, or NFC tag? (Follow-up) | 33:48

What if I have a long string of data that’s in the QR code itself? (Follow-up) | 35:43

Workflow rules can be used to send email – but is there a way to make the message of the report a PDF? | 39:09

Do I need to have a Google account in order to send an email with a PDF attachment via workflow rule? (Follow-up) | 39:57

I have a reasonably complex audit structure. How do I correctly nest PDF printouts so that I can have the fields in the proper sequence? (Follow-up) | 40:30

Is there a way to get a Slack notification instead of an email or PDF attachment? | 48:15

How do I set up a security filter or some way of only showing data that is relevant to a salesperson? My data already has the salesperson’s name – is there a way to link that to their login email rather than replacing it with the user email? | 56:58

(Stephen Mattison) #2