Happy new year! I'm making planner app. I wa...

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Happy new year!

I’m making planner app. I want to make item per day and check do or do not.

I can’t add row item per day automatically and collectively. So, I make crossJoin script for google apps script in order to create a row in advance. Example )

There is item sheet and day sheet configured just 1 column list. When diary and study item exists, script make daily item. 20190101 diary 20190101 study 20190102 diary 20190102 study

then users can check whether do or do not.

but there is a problem when the item is changed. Though item per day are changed, checking cell don’t changed.

Before) 20190101 diary do 20190101 study

don’t 20190102 diary don’t 20190102 study


After add item) 20190101 diary do 20190101 study

don’t 20190101 jogging don’t 20190102 diary do 20190102 study

20190102 jogging

Desired Result) 20190101 diary do 20190101 study

don’t 20190101 jogging 20190102 diary don’t 20190102 study

do 20190102 jogging

Is there some solution by appsheet?


attachments 1 : crossjoin script attachments 2 : before

attachments 3 : after add item

I always appreciate your help. Thank you.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@111 I’m afraid I couldn’t quite follow your description of the problem. However, I assume you want the app to automatically update certain cells when other related cells are modified by the app user. If you are using app expressions for this purpose, I’m afraid it won’t work, since app expressions are only triggered and computed when the row that contains them is modified directly by the app user through the app. If you want the cells to be automatically updated, you will need to either use a script, or spreadsheet formulas.

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@111 Another possible solution is to use workflow rules. You can create a workflow rule that will be triggered when a new row is added, and this workflow rule will then update the relevant cells. More information can be found here:

help.appsheet.com - Workflow Workflow help.appsheet.com

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Mmmm…Thank you for your comment. I’ll find another way