Happy one year anniversary to our new Community!

Hello everyone!

Today marks a special day in which we get to celebrate each and everyone of of you. One year ago, we moved our community to this new space in hopes that it would serve you better. Here’s a little insight into what’s happened in the past year:

42.4K Posts
7.2K Topics
And thousands of new app creators joining the AppSheet Community.

We hope that the past year is a sign of what’s to come in the future. Wether you’re just starting on your journey or you’ve been building apps for years, thank you for being a part of this.

Special thanks to @Marc_Dillon for the cake reminder :slight_smile:




This is a unique community. It is amazing to see the level of engagement and interest you all bring every day. I feel lucky to be a part of this group.


Hello community! My latest job role has prevented me from being as active as I used to be on the forum, and I miss it a lot. :weary:

It is just awesome to see how active the group remains and how open and willing people are to help and share. This is often not the case with other communities. A personal thanks to everyone that spends time contributing, and helping everyone along. Wonderful place to learn, grow, share ideas, and meet new people along the way. Thanks Appsheet! And a Happy First Birthday to this forum!


I have to wait 5 days to get my virtual cake. I should have joined sooner! :cry:

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Congratulation AppSheet, I am just starting my journey with all of helping-caring-sharing people here in this community which I have never found in any other software communities. Please give me cake, next year!


Congratulations AppSheet community!

Truly an F1 ( like an F1 key, always ready to and ready with help) community :slight_smile:, a truly global community with members spread from far east to far west and northern hemishere to southern hemisphere :slight_smile:

Unlike many other communities discussing one topic, AppSheet is a technology multi faceted flexible community . One does not need to code at all to create a great AppSheet app and community offers great insights to help one create a beautiful no code app.

However if one is willing to walk that extra mile on the technology front , you get practical suggestions in the community on multitude of supplemental topics such as spreadsheets, databases, interfaces ,Zapier, webhooks, APIs to charting and BI tools , multitude file types to HTML, CSS, GAS and much more. One gets valuable business domain insights as well to create an app that matches one’s businees needs

Thank you community and all the very best wishes for many more successful anniversaries.