Has anybody tried to use a SLICE in a DASHBOA...


Has anybody tried to use a SLICE in a DASHBOARD view?

It looks like you cannot use slices (only Tables).

This is a challenges as need different views of the same table filtered (eg: [Status] <> “Inactive”).

Any ideas?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Mike_Adler Hi Mike, slices and tables can both be used in dashboard views. First you need to create a view for the slice in question, then you can add this view to the dashboard.


@Harry Hmm. Does not seem to work for me.

The slice do not seem to show in the table picklist when defining the dashboard.

I checked and the slice is not set read only.

I don’t see any of the slice names listed as options in Dashboard “View entries” picklists.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

Actually, the table name used for the dashboard view isn’t meaningful. The only important thing are the views chosen to put into the dashboard


Mike, did you make a

UX > new view from the slice?

(Lucas Cuypers) #6

Lynn is right,

make ux view as ref

view after that you will be able to select it in your dashboard


Thanks all!

I was hoping I could use a slice directly in the dashboard view, rather than making a table => and then a slice => and then a new view => just to add a “filtered” table to a dashboard view.

But… I guess that makes sense.

Views are shown in the dashboard.

It’s just very inefficient, when all I needed was a table filtered (only “active” status).

Will give that a shot!


All set.

Just a lot of steps.

And… as I have a lot of views, I had to be careful how i named the slices and views so I could easily pick the right one (filtered) through the process.