Has anyone else been experiencing issues with...

(William Oldham) #1

Has anyone else been experiencing issues with map pins in the last few days?

I have a few apps that take numerous taps on the pin to get the app to respond.

They are very responsive on desktop but not on Iphone.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Adding @Adam_Stone_AppSheet. He was looking into making some changes to improve map pin performance.

(Adam Stone) #3

@William_Oldham Someone recently reported a problem with map pins taking multiple taps to respond. That app had a lot of rows and a lot of duplicate keys, so I thought the responsiveness problem was likely related to the duplicate keys, but the large number of rows also revealed performance problems that I tried to address. I’ll take another look, but you might also want to double check your key values are unique.

(Adam Stone) #4

@William_Oldham Looked into this further today and confirmed there is still a more general problem with map pins being unresponsive specific to mobile devices / touch events and pins that use custom format rules icons. I think something may have changed on Google’s end that affected the plugin we use to display custom markers. I’m testing a fix now that I hope to release today or tomorrow.

(Adam Stone) #5

We’re releasing the fix now, it appears to resolve the issue on our iPad and Nexus tablet. You may need to fully close and relaunch the app to see the change take effect. Please let us know if you still see the problem after that.

(William Oldham) #6

Thank You!

Just tested it and it’s working great now. I really appreciate your fast response.