Has anyone experienced how Internet Explorer ...

(Kara O'Neill) #1

Has anyone experienced how Internet Explorer visualizes a Date/Time field? I have users of my app that only use the desktop version and the IE display trips them up when entering the data in. It often won’t sync because the format is incorrect. It puts “T” in the middle and shows year, month, day. The same app is shown in Chrome and makes way more sense. Need to know if there is a setting or a workaround for this. Thanks in advance!

(Kara O'Neill) #2

Additional info, they are limited to IE so we have no other alternative.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

Hi Kara, please send some details of the app and some repro steps (ideally a failed sync) to support@appsheet.com. If this is a relatively new version of IE or Edge, we can try to fix it.

(Kara O'Neill) #4

@praveen Thank you just sent the email.

(Kara O'Neill) #5

Answer: Unfortunately, Internet Explorer currently does not have a built-in date time picker, and thus the date time format that you see in Internet Explorer is actually the format of the raw data used internally in the app. We have plans to implement our own customized date time picker for Internet Explorer, but I’m afraid we won’t be able to release this feature any time soon.

The suggestion is to use Microsoft Edge if possible.