Has anyone had experiencing interacting with data on linode hosting?

Client is hosting a wordpress site on Linode and I’ve been asked to interact with the database using an app I have built on Appsheet. Hoping there are no issues and it works and acts like an AWS host?

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Steve, thanks for these! I’m actually attempting a more direct approach and maybe you or someone else can help me. I’m very new to all of the mySQL database connections but I’m learning fast. I am attempting to access a wordpress database with Appsheet directly. I have a database name, ip address, UN & PW. I’m having the wordpress developer check on his side but I’m still getting an error. Since I’m a noob, I want to make sure that I was given the correct info and i’m entering it correctly. Error message:

Add Sql info:

I’m afraid I have no experience with databases. Have you searched help.appsheet.com?

Thanks for the reply. I think I’m going to pull the plug on database access idea and stick with wordpress API and webhooks. Someone suggested to me that this is probably more secure option and also future proof in case changes are made to the data models in the database.

Still a little over my head but I think there is more support going this direction…besides if Steve doesn’t have experience doing it…it’s probably not worth doing!!! :slight_smile:

Oh, definitely not the case here! Databases are hugely useful for AppSheet apps, but I would suggest that you’re playing with very advanced topics. Perhaps find a simpler approach to start?

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Most likely, you haven’t added the ip addresses (from where Appsheet will be connecting) to access the WP MySQL server. Have you done this step -Managing IP Addresses and Firewall Information | AppSheet Help Center ?

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Thanks for this. I’m looking into this now. Working with a 3rd party so the process of connecting these is grueling.

@Bellave_Jayaram UPDATE: Success!!!
Thanks again for this response! I was able to connect once all of the IP addresses were added to the Firewall.

I also found this video very helpful: How to Make an App Using Your SQL Data - YouTube

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Very cool. Keep us posted on how you are interfacing between Wordpress and the app (what kinda of things you are doing, how it’s helpful, roadblocks etc.) when you find time.

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