Has anything changed in the last 24hrs? I've...

(Simon Robinson) #1

Has anything changed in the last 24hrs?

I’ve got 2 seperate Apps which now won’t save a new row with an error of

“…cannot be converted to type ‘ENUM’.”

(Simon Robinson) #2

Affects both browser and App versions.

(Simon Robinson) #3

One App hasn’t been modified and was working fine on Friday

(Steven Coile) #4

Please contact support@appsheet.com.

(Simon Robinson) #5

+Steve Coile

Think I’ve sorted it.

So in one, the enum was selecting from a list of Long Texts, but the saving column was ENUM/Text

In the other, I’ve changed the way it selects stuff (because it was doing a complicated equation to build different lists) and now that’s happy too.

(GreenFluxLLC) #6

I’ve gotten that error a few times when using Suggested_Value or Valid_If on Enum columns. I think it happens when the value being saved is not one of the pre-defined Enum values AND you have not selected ‘Allow other Values’.