Have a link icon right next to a field

Hi All,

Is it possible to place a link icon right by a field to redirect the user to another page? Basically, having the functionality of an action but for a column instead of the page.

In my case, I have a column of type number where I would like the user to easily access another page to understand the calculation breakdown.

Thank you

Yep! An inline action will display next to the column value:

Thanks. Does this work in Detail view?

In my case, I have:

  • column A, that displays a calculated number
  • Column B of type ‘App’ that contains a generated link of a view that contains the calculation breakdown

I would like to see an link icon right by column A in a ‘detail’ view type. Is this possible?

It actually works best in a detail view.

I am not able to see it.

This is my virtual link field (column B)

This is my slice

Note column A (‘Points_Today’) and B aren’t right next to each other in the table definition.

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Here’s a better example a little more appropriate for your need:

Note that after Prominence is Attach to column. Set it to the column you want the button next to.

Also be sure your slice includes this action.


YES!!! This property ‘Attach to column’ is what I was looking for. Thanks a bunch.

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