Have a workflow set up to email a client an e...

(Eric Silver) #1

Have a workflow set up to email a client an estimate when a field is updated to “send estimate”. It works great, but there are times the emails are undeliverable or bounced, but we aren’t able to see this.

  1. Is there a way to see if the email was sent successfully?

  2. If not, how do I set up a web hook successfully to work in Zapier? I have the webhook set up in Zapier correctly and the URL pasted into the workflow. The workflow works correctly except that it appears the POST action is never received by Zapier. I have checked my integrations and I have a Zapier Inbound Channel, but not Outbound Channel. The problem is all I see to add an Outbound Channel is Twilio. I don’t see an option to add Zapier as an Outbound channel. Maybe this isn’t my issue, but if it is it would make sense.

Any help appreciated.

(Simon Robinson) #2

RE 1, we just copy ourselves into all emails so we can prove that at least Appsheet did send it.

Also, you could set the reply address, which is where NDR’s get send.

RE 2, we just have Zapier monitor the Google Sheets docs and respond accordingly to any changes it sees.

You don’t need to use the API for that.