Have some of the Sample Apps been removed?

Hi everyone,

The link to the Office Furniture Sample App doesn´t seem to work. Anyone knows if this has been removed?

I remember seeing an interesting function there, which I didn´t need at the time…
Now that I need it I cant open it…

*Same for the Inventory Management App

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Send the links for the apps in question.
If you can see them but just cant open them than I don’t think they would be considered “Removed”

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Hi Jonathan, sorry. You´re right.
I should have posted the URL´s.

This is the error for both apps:



now thats more Clear :ok_hand:t2:

This is something the app sheet team should be looking at.

Contact support and they may say its a broken link or maybe been removed but I doubt the latter, was good material

Let me know what the issue was

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