Have the new UX Changes been uploaded. Default fonts Super Small

Hello, I logged in today to find the label fonts super small. Is there a new setting for me to revert to the original sizes?

Label fonts? Got a screenshot?

Sorry about that, forget to paste. Looks like the deck view labels

To my knowledge, there’s no way to revert. You might try a format rule. Click through for @praveen’s explanation:

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Format rule won’t work for column labels.

This again is for consistency. Earlier, we had some labels small and some large and the combination was not consistent.

Adding @morgan to consider if the column labels as a whole are too small for a tablet view

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And perhaps, at some point, support the same range of font sizes as format rules for columns.

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Thanks Praveen, the view above is hard to view on Desktop and tougher to see on a phone. Seems to be a font size 6 maybe?

I checked. It is > 10px font on my chrome browser fullscreen. And it is consistent with the other column names. Overall may be too small though.


they should consider that the font size and font color could be formatted by a format rule.

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really really small.

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Looks like the labels are appearing on the Detail view when there’s no data associated