Having a column type look like [****]

I really want my password column type to look like this ********. Just to hide my password while typing. Can anyone help me please. Thanks a lot

That is called “masking” and is not, currently, supported by AppSheet.

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Oh why? I really want this to work. Ok thanks a lot

Being geared towards the clientele that AppSheet is, since you log in with an external service (GMail, Microsoft, etc), there shouldn’t be (and isn’t) a huge demand for a password type. Because passwords shouldn’t be stored in your app’s database. And for other types, there just wasn’t a huge demand for what is, in all reality, a completely cosmetic addition vs whatever work would go into implementing such a feature.

However, there has seemingly been an uptick in requests/interest in text input masking. I don’t know if they’ll give an option for passwords, but the ones I’ve seen the most requested have been for phone number input.

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Ok sir thanks a lot for the clarification. I m a beginner with AppSheet so I m now getting to understand most of the things