Having a running total displayed

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How can I have a running total. I have a wallet and when showing the list of transactions, I would like to have a column that shows the running balance based on the transaction.

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I recommend for you to review how some of the inventory management sample apps are setup.


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Thanks @Marc_Dillon

I checked out and none have a running total.

I am looking for something like this :

1/1          ABC              10           10
5/1          XYZ              -2            8

Thank you

Ahh, I understand you now. See, it’s always better to include screenshots in your posts.

You should set an App Formula for the [Balance] column, that sums up all [Value] amounts for all the rows that are before the current row. In most cases, “before” can be obtained by comparing the _Rownumber, however for a more robust solution, you can also use timestamps.