Having a table of 500 safely quotes and conta...

(John Henry Joseph) #1

Having a table of 500 safely quotes and contact numbers in another table. I want system to send random quote to everyone thru WhatsApp on daily basis. Can I achieve this ? Please advise

(Philip Garrett) #2


You could use a Report over your Contacts table with the “For each row in table” option to create a message for each user in the Contacts table. You could even filter the rows in the Contacts table using a Condition to include some Contacts and exclude others.

You could use the Random function to randomly select a “Safety Quote” from the “Safety Quotes” table.

I did a quick Google search and it looks like WhatsApp is a closed system with no API so I am not sure how you can send a message to WhatsApp.

Twilio mentions some way to do this, but I don’t know the details.

(John Henry Joseph) #3

When I say contacts it means phone number not email I’d. By having contact number alone…will report work?

(Philip Garrett) #4


Reports is simply a way to loop over the rows in your table. It doesn’t care what form the row data in your table uses.

(John Henry Joseph) #5

Apologies. I didn’t get your point. You meant to say that System can send quotes to contact numbers thru Reports? Please bear with me…

(Philip Garrett) #6



A Report can loop over your Contacts table and take an action for each Contact. We support actions like: 1. Sending an email to an email address 2. Sending an SMS to a phone number 3. Sending a Notification to an email address. We convert the email address into the corresponding Notification Device address automatically. 4. Invoking a webhook

Lots of web services these days have a “REST API” that can be invoked via a URL by crafting a POST body in the format the web service expects. You can use the “REST API” to invoke one web service from another.

The AppSheet “webhook” feature is the way we allow you to invoke a outside web service’s “REST API”. The webhook does an HTTP Post to a URL you specify. The Post contains a JSON body which you can control. The body content must be tailored to match what the target web service expects as input.

Each outside web service documents the URL and Post bodies their web service accepts via their REST API.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not seem to offer such a REST API. At least I did not see one. I only did a simple Google search, but it indicated that WhatsApp does not offer any public REST API. Maybe a more thorough Google search would turn up something.

The bottom line is that I don’t know how to create an action that sends a WhatsApp message.

Twilio seems to offer a bridge to invoke WhatsApp but I only saw this mentioned and don’t know the details of using the Twilio bridge to WhatsApp. You might be able to create a Twilio account and configure the bridge somehow. I don’t know but I worry it might be very complicated to do that.

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