Having an issue with workflow attachments. Be...

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Having an issue with workflow attachments. Beginning last week, PDFs are no longer displaying/recognizing page breaks. Is this temporary, or has there been a change I need to take into account?


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I have been using a Google doc template made up of a table on page 1, a page break, then a photo on page 2, another page break, another photo on page 3 etc.

For the last year or more, there have been no issues when receiving the PDF attachments. Each photo appears on its own page, or if I choose to move some text onto a following page by adding a page break (Ctrl+Enter), this break is recognized during the html-pdf conversio. For the past week, however, the log sheet pdfs I have been receiving from coworkers do not seem to recognize the page breaks (text or photos that should appear on the following page have not. If there is room on the initial page, whatever fits will go there).

I can send you examples if you would like.

Thanks for the assistance

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Can you described the problem more fully?

I am not sure if you are referring to page headers and page footers or to something else. Our workflow templates have never handled page headers and page footers.

To handle page headers and page footers properly, we would need to implement a “page layout engine” that computes the page location of each element being displayed. We would need to be aware of page boundaries, so that we could insert footers at the bottom of each page.

Implementing a “page layout engine” is a lot of work and we have not tackled that thus far.

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Is it possible that the image size is now slightly different? I mean the ratio… and because of that the height of the image is now little bit bigger.

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The best way to insert a page break in a PDF document is the one described in topic “Page Breaks in PDF Attachments” at the bottom of

this article help.appsheet.com - Email Templates

I just reconfirmed that this approach works, at least in the simple test I conducted.

Please give this approach a try. Email Templates help.appsheet.com

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Okay thanks I will give it a try

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There was no difference with inserting from the menu versus the keyboard shortcut. I was able to fix it by removing the template and adding it back in to the workflow rule.

Thanks for the help.

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Sorry. If it fails gain please let me know and I will try to debug it. There must have been something in the template HTML that prevented the page break from being honored. Not sure what it might have been.