Having Column headers in View (type=Table) H...

Having Column headers in View (type=Table)

Hi Team

This is a basic question, but I have tried various searches and options, however it does not seem to work. In the column definition, I have set column name to label as well as populated the DISPLAY NAME, however in my views the column header does not appear.

What am I missing ?

Thank you Junaid

Hi, If you are

trying to see column headers in Table Summary view,

you may want to try the setting under UX-> Options-> Table View-> Show Column Headers

Thank you. I just found it in the documentation…

Great. All the best.

Thanks! I just had this question myself. Apparently, I had disabled it without knowing what it was in my app.

Personally, putting this setting and other related settings (“Use horizontal scrolling,” etc.) only in the “Options” part of the editor strikes me as a little counterintuitive. It would be nice if they could be in the UX --> Views section of the table one is actually working on, but I guess these are global setting for the entire app, and that’s why they are in UX --> Options. But why do they need to be a global settings? If there’s a need to turn them on and off depending on the app, it would seem to me that one might wnat to turn them on and off for each individual view.

Another possibility is to display the relevant “Options” settings in the “Views” area in a greyed out style (to indicate that they can’t be change there) when “table” is selected. A note might be added that they can be changed in the “Options” part of the app editor. I think I’ll make a separate post suggesting this.

did this work for you? can you have headings only on some views or is it all or nothing?

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Hi @llheath! You can turn headings on and off on a table by table basis. I put this post together a while back. It might help:

Sorry, I don’t see in the documentation how to turn headings on just for specific views.


My mistake. It was “How do I get headers to show?”

UX --> Options --> Show column headers