Having link/path to a Signature png save in a different sheet

Hey there! I’ve got a terms of service agreement for users which is shown in a ‘Detail View’.
At the very bottom I have an editable Signature column which works well.

I was curious if there was a way to save the file path to the signature in a different sheet and column instead of the terms of service signature column.

I would like to save the link to each User’s Signature in THAT USER’S row and ‘Signature’ column -in my ‘People’ Table.

Users are specified by USEREMAIL()

I had one idea to make a Workflow which on edit of the signature column in the TOS table; saves the signature path to the proper Table, Column, and Row. That same report then clears the value in the terms of service signature column to allow the next user to sign my Terms of Service.

It would work I believe, but I was wondering if anyone has a more elegant solution?

I would suggest this:
Make a table of 3 columns only: [USEREMAIL], [SIGNATURE] and a [TIMESTAMP]
Make [USEREMAIL] key column and [TIMESTAMP] column ChangeTimestamp type and bind it to the change of [SIGNATURE] column. Add a show type Virtual Column and insert your TOS. Adjust your Detail View and arrange the columns, make the [SIGNATURE] quick edit. Set an Initial View expression like this: