Having problems with attachment template child references

Hi guys, I was attempting all day at getting this kind of feature working. Basically its an attachment template, which I am competent at getting working for a single table. The problem comes in getting data from the Virtual Column ‘REF_ROWS’ formula.

So here’s the gist of it, a Timesheet table is the parent, and a Timesheetref table is the child, with the column ‘Timesheet’ as the reference column in the child table. This structure works fine (I have the ref column set to ‘is a part of’), and all the data pulls as it should in forms / tables etc. The problem comes with viewing it in attachment templates. My first attempt was using my working Filter formula in the attachment template, like so…

<<Start: ORDERBY(FILTER(“Timesheetref”, AND( [Status] = "ACTIVE", [Date] >= [From], [Date] <= [To])), [Machine])>> 

followed by all my columns I want to view, then an <<End>> tag. One of those columns I expected Appsheet to be able to pull was ‘Related Timesheetrefs’, the virtual column I mentioned earlier that Appsheet automatically generates when creating a reference. I used <<[Related Timesheetrefs].[Lot No]>> expecting Appsheet to figure out what I was trying to reference, but no luck.

After this I experimented with a number of other strategies, similar to this one, but I just can’t figure out where I am going wrong. Please can someone help me, as being able to reference child records in the table of my parent attachment template record is going to be an important function for me to be able to use.

Thanks for reading guys, and sorry If I came across in a confusing manner or didn’t make myself too clear.