Having problems with displaying a PDF in the ...

(geoff gardener) #1

Having problems with displaying a PDF in the app.

The PDF is in the same folder as app data in Google Drive.

Type = File Initial value = Privacy Notice V1.0.pdf

But when I click on the link it opens up the local file browser and not the Privacy Notice V1.0.pdf

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

(Tony Fader) #2

@geoff_gardener It sounds like this is happening in a form view, when a user is adding a new row or editing an existing row. In that case, when you tap on the file input, you are selecting a new file from your device’s storage.

If you want to display the pdf inside the form, you could use a show-type column that links to a public URL of the pdf.

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(geoff gardener) #3


you legend, that makes sense now.

Thank you