Having trouble adding images to pdf attachment

Hello… I am trying to add images to pdf attachment but unable to display as images. Something similar to sample “Order Capture” report as below:
order capture sample

I tried the below steps:

  1. Create Image Url using the below expression:
    SUBSTITUTE(CONCATENATE(“https://www.appsheet.com/template/gettablefileurl?appName=",“AID-ESMS-1036671”,"&tableName=”, “Images”,"&fileName=",[ImageName]), " ", “%20”)

  2. In the google doc template, I use START expression to list our all the images:
    <<Start:[Related Images]>><<[Image URL]>><>

  3. I have unchecked the option “Require Image and File URL Signing”


I get an clickable image url but not the image. When I click on the url, the image opens in a new tab. How do I get the image displayed inside pdf instead of URL. Am I missing anything?

Thank you!

It sounds that you have an image column named [ImageName], then I believe you may not need to further construct a URL to display images in the PDF report.

In the template you could have an expression,something like

<<Start:[Related Images]>>
<< End >>

The above expression assumes that [Raleted Images] is a Rev_Ref column of records references from a child table called 'Images" wherein the column [ImageName] having images resides. And that the workflow is based on a parent table record of which “Images” table is a child table.


@Suvrutt_Gurjar It worked… Thanks a lot…