Having trouble with Google Templates Report

When I run a report without a template, I get a report emailed to me. (Not yet using a paid version)
However, when I create a report template (using the Create button at the end of the input box), I can see and view the template. But, clicking run does zilch, zero, nada.
So, referencing a template doesn’t produce an email.
Erase the reference to a template and the email sends.

Ultimately, I want to divide the report up into a table. But I am not even able to get that far yet. What data would you need to see to help?

Thanks in advance.

Email body template or attachment template???

The first thing I would do is check to see if an error is being reported from your Workflow. You can see this by tapping the “Log” button found at the tope of any of your Workflows. See pic below.

Look for the the name of your Workflow in the “On” column. Red text/icon means an error. Click on the red binoculars to see the error report. (I don’t have a good example to show right at the moment or I’d include a pic of this too)

Let us know if you see any error and what the message might be.

email body template

The log showed an error. It says a Column Name doesn’t exist. However, it appears on my Google Sheet and in the table containing all data. So, I am confused.
I deleted that particular instance and the report runs, minus that column.

Also, I am seeing ALL data from the beginning. I only want to show work done today.

Double check that there wasn’t some spelling or syntax error. Remember that you must surround the column names in the template with double angle brackets and the normal square bracket inside of that. I have seen sometimes the square brackets are left out.

As coincidence would have it, I was working on some printing/merge/google doc examples, and have published an app here:

If you copy it you should get a few working examples up and running to reference. Hope this helps!

I originally clicked the “Create” button for the template. I cut and pasted within the document. I just added some tables. I thought that would be right for syntax etc.

Guess not.

It apparently was syntax. I had a double-space between the words “Quantity” and “Sorted”. Good catch, my peers.

I am still trying to get the email to print only for a particular day. I don’t want everything from the beginning to print. Since it is a scrap report, I only want that which was generated the previous day. Today=Now() as start expression doesn’t seem to do anything. Maybe Today=Now()-1?

Hi @Work_Goscinski
Do you have a Date column? Maybe try something like [Date]>=TODAY()-1

NOW() is Date and Time
TODAY() is Date

Do I write this expression in the “If condition is true” expression area? Because I do have a column “Date” and the expression is not working.


without >. not sure if that was typo or you intentionally wrote it :wink:


Here is proof that Date exists because it populates in the template.

And here it is in the table

I didn’t say it doesn’t exist.

What’s the error?

Which column it can’t find?

I’m on my phone and can’t see properly.

I know you didn’t say it didn’t exist. That is the error message.

Error message: Unable to find column ‘Date’

You’re confusing the attempts to help you by switching back and forth between template expressions and workflow conditions without being clear, and your screenshots are of very poor quality, making them very difficult to see.

The reason you’re being told the Date column doesn’t exist is related to the other warning message displayed that you’ve chosen to ignore: This formula is not evaluated in the context of a row, so column values are unavailable.


Close the expression window and take a printscreen of the report page.

I appreciate feedback. However, I haven’t “Chosen to ignore” anything. I am not in complete understanding of how expressions work, thus why I am seeking help. I will work on better screenshots. They “Seem” ok on my end as I paste them.

I am switching back and forth, as you say, to show that “Date” exists in my data, it translates into my template, as well. So I am confused by the error…and as you pointed out, “This formula is not evaluated in the context of a row, so column values are unavailable.” When I write something goofy like: Today()=Today()-1, I get a response to that via the report. I am shaking my head at that. I am frustrated. I am trying not to be defensive. But, I will admit…it’s hard not to be.

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