Having trouble with my Bot, inconsistent working & errors in the Automation Monitor & Test>>Execute

For my club/meeting app (ToastBase2-131218) I set up an Event, Bot, Process & Tasks to send multiple (22) Tasks in one Process. Each Task sends a Notification to a specific Member to confirm a specific meeting Role with a DeepLink, Example, LINKTOROW([_ComputedKey], “Confirm Speaker 1”). I set up 22 Views, one for each Role Confirmation, “Confirm Speaker 1” in my Example above.
My Event that fires the Process is “Meetings [Notify New Meeting to All] is changed to Notify Sent”, with a Condition of “[Notify New Meeting to All]= Notify Sent” in the Expression. I seem to have inconsistent working of this Bot and I can’t tell what I’m doing to make it not execute my Process/22 Tasks.
When I go to Test>>Execute, I get an Error of "Failed: Exception: ‘_geo_Venue’ is not a valid table column name." I don’t know what this is. I do have [Meeting Venue] & [Club GPS] columns, but I can’t figure out what the “_geo_Venue” is & how it’s giving me the Error.

This is my first Bot, so I am probably the problem. I’ll bullet-point my questions/concerns below as I have many, some odd things seem to be happening with my Bot:
1. Sometimes the Bot/Procees doesn’t seem to work. I need to understand how to set this up better/correctly so it works every time.
2. When I fill in/enter the first Role, leave a few blank and fill in/enter the last few Roles, for example, the Bot only sends the first Notification to that Role, but stops there, does not send Notifications to the last few Roles that are filled in/entered. It seems that I must fill in Roles consecutively to get the Notifications & DeepLinks to send. This will be a problem because there will often be times when all Roles will not be filled. A possible solution might be to set it up so that my Event fires 22 separate Processes, each with only one Task of sending that individual Role confirmation DeepLink, but will I run into the same ‘must be consecutive Steps’ conundrum?
3. During my testing, when I go back and Edit my event trigger column to blank & Save, then go back and Edit to “Notify Sent” which should trigger my Bot/Process it doesn’t seem to work. Will this Bot only work for a new Row/Meeting? I am working on a good way to “Notify Updated Meeting Details” with another Bot & Process.
4. When my Notifications show up on my phone, the entire Notification seems to be the DeepLink that, when clicked, immediately takes me to my confirmation view and then this Notification disappears forever, at least I do not know how/if I can find that Notification at a later time. I’m thinking that a User might want to read what the Notification says right when it comes in, but might not want to immediately take the time to go into the Link/App and confirm. It would be nice if user could revisit that Notification at a later time and click a Link to confirm. I suppose this would require adding a field to custom name the DeepLink something the User would understand, like “Please click this Link to Confirm”, as well as a way to get the Notification remain available somehow.
5. I just experienced an odd round of Notification for a new Meeting. App is still Prototype, so I expected all Notifications to only come to me, but when I just entered myself in the first (and only Required) Role and me again in second Role, then someone else in the third Role, left next Role blank, then entered me into the following several roles, I interestingly only received one Notification for the third Role that was set to someone else. When I clicked this Notification the 'how do you want to Login to Appsheet" page came up, which seems to be expected, but I never got Notifications for any of the other Roles, not even the first three that were filled in with me.
6. I just tested adding a new Meeting with me in all 22 Roles and I only received one Notification and it was for the very last Role. Odd. TYVM!

Hi Stephen,

Would you be able to send a mail to support@appsheet.com and allow support access to this app so that we can investigate the issue.



Yes, was just doing that now, TY!

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