Health studio app

Good day community, I will like an hint on how to create an app for the attached app flowchart.

ThanksHealth studio app

Change the permission of the doc to Anyone with the link, otherwise it’s not viewable by public.

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Done. Thanks for calling my attention to that.

The process flowchart that you have shared needs a lot of integrations and an online payment gateway integration with some scripting. Provided you have the experience than you can try to make it yourself but to give a hint on how to build it is not so easy. There are a lot of help documents found in and there thousands of posts in the community regarding how any particular app feature can be done. So you need to curl your sleeves off and dive into it. Provided you don’t have the experience, than I may recommend hiring an AppSheet Partner and Developer. There are a lot of partners and developers in the community working as a pro-bono and voluntarily. There are also sample apps that you want to take a look at:

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Thank you for your help.
We can do away with the online payment gate way for now.

You’re welcome