Hello again! Having an issue with an action ...

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Hello again!

Having an issue with an action button appearing.

I was successful in getting some other ones to work, but this one won’t.

The equation is verified, but maybe there is some other problem?

I would like a button to appear at the top of a field that can be pressed when the a check has been written for an employee to be reimbursed so they know to come pick it up.

I want the button to edit the last column in the table.

That column shows up on the table view and is set to “Yes/No”.

I have part of the table sliced so that when employees upload their reimbursement form they don’t see that last column field about the check.

But once that info is recorded to the table, I want our office lady to be able to go into the table view and check that button when she writes the employees their checks.

Here is a screenshot of the action field.

Your help is greatly appreciated!!

(Miranda Lubarsky) #2
(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #3

@Miranda_Lubarsky, There are a couple of errors which I can see from your screenshot: 1.) Your conditional statement is not correct. With the expression you have, the action button will not show up if [Check Written] column value is not “true”. 2.) Your column name in the conditional expression ([check written]) seems not correctly spelled with respect to the value in Set this column property ([Check Written]) 3.) Logically you are trying to record a “true” value to the same column that you’re trying to evaluate provided it’s value is “true”. That will definitely not work.

That said; your conditional statement shall be:

=ISBLANK([Check Written])

******************** OR ********************

=NOT([Check Written]=true)

******************** OR ********************

=OR(ISBLANK([Check Written]), NOT([Check Written]=true))

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

I would use an expression like USEREMAIL()=“OfficeLadysEmailAddress” so she would be the only one who can add that value.

(Miranda Lubarsky) #5

You guys seriously rock!

Thank you!! I am not very good at understanding equations.

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Another quick question in regards to a Report.

If I set a weekly report to be sent to our office lady at 1am on Monday morning every week, I want the information from all the rows that have been entered only in the last week to be sent to her, so she knows what checks to write out.

As far as making that happen with an equation, what type of thing would I write?

The equation helper isn’t showing up in the reports entry field, weirdly.

After re-thinking it, I thought I could make a condition that if the Check Written column hasn’t been marked as true yet, she would get a weekly report about it.

That way, if she didn’t mark it as written yet, and it’s been a few weeks (for example if she went on vacation and missed a week), it would still show up in the report for her if she didn’t mark it as written and then she won’t miss any.

I’ve attached a photo of the expression I wrote in.

An error is happening even though when I put the equation in, I get a green check mark (verified?)

Thoughts? Thanks!! Miranda

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@Levent_KULACOGLU What if I want an action button to automatically edit the values of two different rows, but in different ways?

So for example, if the person presses the action button, I want it to automatically put today’s date into Column[Date of Fix] and I want Column[Completion] to be marked as “Complete”.

I tried going to “Grouped: Execute a sequence of actions”, but the only options this gives me are “Delete”, “Edit” and a few refs.

The idea here is that I want the user to only have to push one button since it takes a little while for that button to sync/load the information.

(Miranda Lubarsky) #8

Actually I think I just figured out the multiple actions thing!

A couple hours of sleuthing but it worked!!

Sorry for blathering on…