Hello again! Recently I published an app on G...

(Ricardo Gonzalez) #1

Hello again! Recently I published an app on Google Store. Since the time I initially published the app, I released a few rollouts, with a new white label per release… When necessary. I understand that data is pulled directly from the Google Sheets, and updates automatically just wanted to be safe. Like when I changed the app name slightly.

So, although it says 24 hours to process the white label email, it usually arrives within a few minutes.

Now, I went through all the steps for the iOS release as well. The .p12 file, ad hoc, and app store provisions on a Mac.

I am really excited to publish on the Apple store soon, but I haven’t received the white label email yet. I know it might arrive a few hours later, but does AppSheet notify the user in case the .p12, cert password, or provisions are wrong for some reason?

Just want to make sure I don’t wait for nothing if the files wouldn’t be generated in case of user error. Thank you!

(Ricardo Gonzalez) #2

Could I ask if the ipa production email is automatically generated or manually generated? If manually, then I completely understand.

If automatically, and based on app size, can I know the feedback time others have experienced with generating a white label for iOS?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

It is automatically generated — but — the iOS process is very brittle (thanks Apple!) and often requires manual intervention. This is why it is slow. And right now, with most of the team out on holiday, it takes longer also to investigate.