Hello all! Help needed, please! I am not a p...

(Fabio Oliveira) #1

Hello all! Help needed, please!

I am not a programmer, but I am struggling to design my own attendance manager app. I work as a private English teacher.

Is there an easy way a could create a list of future classes (say, for the whole semester) for each student individually, which can be accessed in the form of a list? I work mainly with one-to-one classes.

I though I could get it done by splitting a cell string into a list, but I haven’t managed to find a way to do that so far. Any ideias, please?

Many thanks in advance!

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

@Fabio_Oliveira, Also may we know your app goal in somewhat more detail so that we can explore better solution options.

(Fabio Oliveira) #3

Hello @Suvrutt_Gurjar

Many thanks for your attention and support!

I will try to describe what my needs are briefly, ok!

As I said, I work as a private English teacher and I teach mainly one-to-one classes in companies. I also manage a small team of teachers who work for me in the same way.

I am trying to develop an app to: a) take students attendance b) keep track of their learning goals and program details c) register class details and homework assignments.

So far, I am happy with all features functioning but a), because I still couldn’t find a way to pre-determine all future classes for each student according to their contract schedule. Currently, we can register classes on any date, regardless of the schedule of the student (simply by using the date field).

I work with semester-based contracts with the students, and I would like to be able to pre-determine all the dates on which classes can be registered for the whole duration of each student’s contract.

I have already found a way to create a string of dates automatically (e.g. “1: terça-feira, 4 Setembro, 2018; 2 : segunda-feira, 10 Setembro, 2018…” etc), which can be separated either by “,” or “;”. I created a column named “CLASS” in the a tab called “STUDENTS”, where I register all students and their details and was trying to somehow pull that string as a list on the “REGISTER” view.

I haven’t managed to do that yet. I know how to create lists from columns, but not from a string in a single cell. That’s essential to my project, because each student will have a different string of dates.

I hope I was clear enough! Many thanks again for your help!

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #4

Hi @Fabio_Oliveira,There could be a few ways to build the app based on your exact app needs -single user or multi user etc. for example.

Here may be one option. You may wish to have

a common table of classes in a table

for all students and slice the classes timetable data by student or by date


Please take a look at following sample app for knowing slice concept. appsheet.com - How to use slices - This app shows how to slice your data How to use slices - This app shows how to slice your data appsheet.com