Hello all! I am having issue with references...

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Hello all!

I am having issue with references only partially working. I have a table: Branches and a table: Employee, and in Employee I have a ref to Branches. Each employee belongs to a branch. Now the ref is working, except when I look at the employee view, group by branches, I come across a yellow alert icon on a couple of the branches, and I am not able to click that branch entry. See the images below. Western Geo-Sechelt shows the icon, but Whistler does not. These entries work when going through the Divison view (which is branches but we had changed it along the way and didnt rename the table). Any ideas why I have the icon on 3 of the branches but they still work in other views? Thanks for the help!

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Basically it means that the reference between these two records is broken. For example if you delete the main record, this will happen. Check your mother table if that record is there and Keys are correct.


Hi Also check the spelling is the same.

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Thank you for all your suggestions. It seems that the main table was created with values, then the ref table after, and the ref table had some different spaces in the names causing some to work and some to show the broken link. Ultimately it was spelling, but it was because the spelling of the key was not found to link the two tables together. Thanks!

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Great you got it sorted.

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Hi @CCMET_Metrotesting, Hope the following posts helps you in resolution.

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What’s the Yellow triangle mean Next to all the grouped Headings such as ABC plus.google.com