Hello All , I have a conditional formatting p...

(Devina Maxwell) #1

Hello All , I have a conditional formatting problem .

I am building an app that records Start and stop times on tasks.

I have 3 sheets one a parent sheet “JOBS”

and one a child sheet “TASKS”

and another which is the form / sheet FLOOR ACTIVITY that has start and stop buttons referenced on the TASKS

I have successfully formatted the FLOOR ACTIVITY

rows that have a blank [Stop] Column

as green (working on now ) however they are only green in the view using that table

I want that green to show across the Table views

eg in the TASKS

View and the JOB view they are all referenced to each other ? and

from there can the JOBID that has the same Task ID also be green

(Tony Fader) #2

@Devina_Maxwell You may need to set up format rules on the referencing tables.

(Devina Maxwell) #3

@tony the problem is with that solution is that the other sheets do not have the columns start and stop . I have tried to add another column in "FLOOR ACTIVITIES ,one i called [task in process] It is a yesYes or no , and its value was dependent on whether the stop button had been pushed., however i could not manage to take that information to the other sheets TASKS and then JOBS, as there are many floor activity rows with the same

JOB ID & task ID some complete and some not as its recorded on a daily basis.

so the formula for this evades me. I think until i have some way of showing weather the task / Job is being worked on in every sheet I cannot conditionally format it ?

(Tony Fader) #4

@Devina_Maxwell What about using a de-reference formula? You’d use a ref column to point to a row in the table that has start/stop. Then you can use a formula like [Ref column].[Start] and [Ref column].[Stop] to access those. See this example, where it uses a de-reference formula to access a person’s nickname when making an appointment.

appsheet.com - Table References - A basic demo of table references

https://help.appsheet.com/expressions/expression-types/dereferences Table References - A basic demo of table references appsheet.com