Hello All, I have a virtual column in my 'Cu...

(Hannes Rohregger) #1

Hello All,

I have a virtual column in my ‘Customer’ table which does calculations of ‘points’ based on transactions in the ‘Bookings’ table.

I would like to ‘save’ these results in a ‘points’ cell in my Customer table. so that they are hard coded in the spreadsheet and so that i can work with them with another application.

I can obviously save the points into the cell using the app formula =VirtualColumn but then it only saves when I update the customer and i hit the save button. I would like the save to happen automatically across all the customers.

Anyways i can achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

(Tony Fader) #2

@Hannes_Rohregger In non-virtual columns, app formulas are only updated when the row is added or updated (or related rows are added or updated).

One thing you might consider is using a spreadsheet formula. That will be computed on sync, but it will happen for every instance of the formula (not just when the record is updated).

(Hannes Rohregger) #3


The spreadsheets formulas would work but then who/how would they be populated once there is a new ‘Customer’ entry? I would need to manually go in and copy down the formulas to the new row?


(Tony Fader) #4

@Hannes_Rohregger AppSheet can automatically add spreadsheet formulas to new rows that are added. Take a look at this article: help.appsheet.com - Spreadsheet Formulas Spreadsheet Formulas help.appsheet.com