Hello All, I recently just consolidated 3 d...

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Hello All,

I recently just consolidated 3 data sheets that I use to house pictures for 3 different apps. They are built similarly. All the other data sheets that I have ported all work fine, however, it seems that this is not the case with pictures. My only guess is that it could be a pathing issue from the data sheet to where the pictures are held (three separate folders). All the folders are in the same google drive and Appsheet has access to all of them. Any ideas on where the error could be coming from? Or any ideas on how to fix this? Please see below for screenshot.

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@Suvrutt_Gurjar Great tip. However, the one thing that I need to address is that the original folders that the consolidated sheets are pulling from are constantly having new pictures uploaded to them.

How do I change the pathing for them so that the folders storing the pictures can remain where they are, but the new consolidated sheet can also path to them. they are all under the same main folder, however, each original data sheet and their respective image folder is in their own folder and sub folder.

For example, Main Folder houses all folders, Sheet A is in Folder A, Sheet B is in Folder B, Sheet C is in Folder C. Images Folder A is in Folder A, Images B in Images Folder B, Images C in Images Folder C.

Consolidated Sheet is in Consolidated Folder, which is within Main Folder, but at same level as Folders A, B, and C. So how can i get the images from Folders A, B, and C without moving them from their current location?

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Hi @Vernelle_Kruse1, Thank you for detailed explanation.

Based on my understanding of your description and testing with similar folder structure at my end,I request you to try the following approach.

You may continue

to have Consolidated folder under main folder but other folder structure can be as follows

Level 1: Main folder

Level 2: Main Folder – >

Consolidated Folder

Level 3: Main Folder


Consolidated Folder --> Folder A

Level 4 - a) Main Folder -->

Consolidated Folder --> Folder A --> Image Folder A

Level 4 -

b) Main Folder


Consolidated Folder --> Folder A --> Sheets Folder A

Same for folder B and C

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Hi @Vernelle_Kruse1, You are right that the grey triangle you see indicates the images path is broken due to change of folder path or change of image names. From your description it appears that the image names are intact.

One thing

you may wish to check how the image folders were located respect to individual app’s spreadsheet folder earlier and

after consolidation? Or were images in the same folder as app’s spreadsheet and appeared with just image filenames in the image columns?

Request you to

take a look at following article and section “file name” value.

help.appsheet.com - Displaying Images and Documents Displaying Images and Documents help.appsheet.com