Hello all! If I am using a Ref for a drop-d...

(Miranda Lubarsky) #1

Hello all!

If I am using a Ref for a drop-down menu in a form, is there any way to allow for new values to be added to the Ref list in the drop down while people are filling it out?

Or would I have to use the EnumList & allow adding?

I only ask because I want to use the same Enum list in multiple columns, and it is cumbersome to add the same list again and again which is why I had it as a Ref before.

However, I really think my crew will need to add new values over the course of the season, and if this isn’t available with the Ref, I will have to use Enum.

Thanks so much! Miranda

(Tony Fader) #2

@Miranda_Lubarsky If you allow adds to the referenced table, there will be an option to add a new value. That will open up a nested form.

(Miranda Lubarsky) #3

@tony thank you!!