Hello all, I'm in PUBLISHER PLUS plan , and i...

(Tarek Abualela (‫مهندس/طارق أبو العلا‬)) #1

Hello all, I’m in PUBLISHER PLUS plan , and in the app info pane keep saying: “Plan type PUBLISHER_PLUS is not allowed because: User signin not allowed with the PUBLISHER PLUS plan” what I do specially that I have only one app and few users will use it? and what mean by PUBLISHER PLUS if users not allowed , how I make people use the app ?. Thanks in advanced.

(Tarek Abualela (‫مهندس/طارق أبو العلا‬)) #2

and the app doesn’t contain secured data,I want to make it public . so how I share the app in publisher plus plan ?

(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #3

If your app doesn’t use any features that requires sign in (like the USEREMAIL() function), and you want to make it public you can turn off the required sign in (in the editor: Security -> Require sign in)

(Tarek Abualela (‫مهندس/طارق أبو العلا‬)) #4


Thank you so much

(Gil Littman [AppSheet]) #5

You’re welcome!