Hello all, I'm trying to use a Google Form wi...

(Giovanni Chiozza) #1

Hello all, I’m trying to use a Google Form with a Title image using automatic generation of AppSheet. The problem is that Title image (header of module only) is not created and I’m not able also o customize it . I see only black box with text


No way to understand how to make appear the image on Google drive



Hi Im not sure exactly what you are trying to do but you could download the pic to your PC and then upload it to your App from there.

(Giovanni Chiozza) #3

I got a super normal Google Forms

docs.google.com - PRE-ISCRIZIONE OFF ROAD FEST 2018

that’s only

I need

To convert it all by AppSheet PRE-ISCRIZIONE OFF ROAD FEST 2018 docs.google.com

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

Hi @Giovanni_Chiozza, please see this help document. help.appsheet.com - Using Data from Google Forms The problem is that the Google Forms API does not give us the information about the image used. So we stick in a placeholder and you will need to modify it with a url for the image.

Images and Videos Google Forms can contain embedded images and videos. Although AppSheet forms can as well, the Forms add-on is unable to extract embedded image and video data during the automatic app creation process. These fields will be given variable URLs in the generated app that you should update in the AppSheet Editor with correct URLs pointing to your image or video content. Using Data from Google Forms help.appsheet.com