Hello All, in my app i collect a list via se...

(Landwirtschaftlicher Betrieb) #1

Hello All,

in my app i collect a list via select statement. the list references to [ID] but show up the field declared as “Label”. so far so good.

to get the list available in google sheet, i just stringify it (TEXT([LIST])). this worked very good, but recently Appsheet only stores those fields declared as Label in google sheets.

what is very strange: when i test the code on appsheet, it shows up a list of [ID]s. But in Google sheets only the “Label” values.

only if i change [ID] field propoerty (Hidden = false; Label = true), appsheet stores the right value to google sheet.

does anybody know of recent changes causing this problem?

help would be appreciated

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

What happens if you use CONCATENATE instead of TEXT?

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@Aleksi_Alkio Perfekt, CONCATENATE made it work again. Thank you very much