Hello all. I've been using Appsheet for about...

(Jimmy Reynolds) #1

Hello all. I’ve been using Appsheet for about 3 years and I’ve run into a problem I just can’t seem to work around. The problem is with clocking in, clocking out and duration. I’ve prototyped an app for my business that is work order# related.

I have the following columns in my sheet: Date, Customer, Pond#, Issue, Notes,

IN, OUT and Duration. Accordingly these are also questions to fill out in the app. I am needing a button on the app that records the time of when an employee clocks IN to a work order, then after he’s completed the job, he can edit the work order and hit the clock OUT button. I have the buttons made in the app as ENUM

with a choice of IN or OUT on them. The Initial Value of the buttons are TODAY(). The problem occurs whenever I hit the OUT button to clock out, it changes both times (IN and OUT) to the OUT time. Even though the IN had previously been the IN time. What am I doing wrong in this? I can bet it’s something simple. I’ve used this app for 3 years with no issues except this is the first year we are actually tracking time from the app itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m posting a link to the spreadsheet to help visualize this. I’m not sure how to let anyone look at the app itself so if anyone can let me know how to do that, I’d be glad to. Thanks.

(Tony Fader) #2

@Jimmy_Reynolds Hmm, have you considered using actions to get this behavior? That might be an easier way. You’d have a “Clock In” action and a “Clock Out” action that set the relevant columns to NOW(). See this app for an example: https://www.appsheet.com/samples/A-timesheet-app-that-allows-employees-to-log-time-in-and-time-out-?appGuidString=f18dff86-f6df-4a43-a585-ad654e052a18

(Simon Robinson) #3

So I’d set it up like this:

[ClockIn] Y/N [ClockInTimestamp] [ClockOut] Y/N [ClockOutTimestamp]

The timestamp records when the column above changes.

ClockIn shows if clockin is blank and clockout is hidden until clockin is not blank.