Hello all. Quick question. I have a databas...

(Adrian Enz) #1

Hello all.

Quick question.

I have a database [A], [B] and [C].

[A] can have many associated records from [B] and from [C].

[A] 1 to N [B] [A] 1 to N [C]

Let’s say I have a column {Name} in [B] and in [C].

Is it possible that when I enter the value “Adrian” into the {Name} of [B], that it automatically populates the {Name} column in the [C] that is referenced to the same [A] entry?

I hope it’s understandable and thanks in advance.

Greetings Adrian

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Adrian_Enz Hi Adrian, theoretically speaking this might be possible, but it can be very messy. Instead, I highly recommend that you re-think the design of your tables. Essentially, here’s the situation that you’ve described:

If rows in tables B and C reference the same row in table A, then tables B and C will also share the same value in column “Name”.

If this is correct, then shouldn’t the column “Name” also be a property of table A, since A is both shared by B and C? If you make column “Name” a column of table A, you can simply use dereference in tables B and C to retrieve the value of column “Name”. You can learn more about dereferences here:

help.appsheet.com - Dereferences Dereferences help.appsheet.com