Hello appsheet community, I am using google ...

(Matthew Tang) #1

Hello appsheet community,

I am using google spreedsheet as my backup data storage. On my app, I have an enum on app with 5 options: A, B, C, D, and E. I noticed that what’s stored on the sphreadsheet of the seletion is according to what order the user clicks: say, if the user select in A, C, B, E, D, then the display on the sphreadsheet is A,C,B,E,D, instead of A,B,C,D,E!

May I know is there any options on

appsheet that can store the data in correct order?



(Mary Jane Pender) #2

Hi Matt,

It would seem to me that the order of the selected items is the order that will appear on your spreadsheet.

I am probably missing something … why do you want the data to be stored in a different order than it is selected?

(Steven Coile) #3

There is no inherent way to get what you want. I’ll mirror @Mary_Jane_Pender: why do you want the data to be stored in a different order than it is selected?

(Matthew Tang) #4

@Steven_Coile @Mary_Jane_Pender Thank you for your reply! I need to copy (by hand) the data to another paper sheet, and if they are always in the A to E order, then the chance of missing one when i copy them would be less.

So there is no way to solve in on appsheet program?

(Mary Jane Pender) #5

Hi Matt,

In that case, create a new View and set the Sort By for the field that holds the values of

A … B…C…D…E and sort in Ascending order.

(Steven Coile) #6

@Mary_Jane_Pender I don’t believe a view will sort a list within a single cell (e.g. an EnumList).

(Mary Jane Pender) #7

Hi Matthew, could you please tell me how the selections appear in transactions.

Does the user select A in transaction one and then D in transaction two?

We need to understand a little better how your users select these values from the enum list.


(Mary Jane Pender) #8

Matthew could you also do a little screen shot of the Enum options and a screen shot of a few of the transactions so we can see what you are seeing.

I apologize, I should have asked to see this first.


(Steven Coile) #9

@Matthew_Tang Here’s a way to do it using set magic:

=([CompleteSortedList] - ([CompleteSortedList] - [UserList]))

[CompleteSortedList] represents the complete set of possible values in the desired sorted order. E.g. A, B, C, D, E

[UserList] represents the list of values provided by the user. E.g. C, B, E

([CompleteSortedList] - [UserList]) removes the entries the user provided from the complete list, leaving only those entries from the complete list the user did not provide. E.g. A, D

([CompleteSortedList] - (…)) then removes the entries the user did not provide from the complete, sorted list, leaving only those entries the user did provide, in sorted order! E.g. B, C, E

(Mary Jane Pender) #10

So Steve, your understanding is that the 5 enum options are what?

They all go in one cell rather than selecting one of the 5 letters enum options for each selection?

It would help if we could see some screen shots of Matt’s app and his google sheet.

(Steven Coile) #11

@Mary_Jane_Pender The phrasing of his problem reminded me of the behavior I noticed with EnumList, hence my (admittedly weak) assumption he’'s using them. Your requests for clarification are entirely reasonable.