Hello AppSheet Community, I have now a bigge...

(Adrian Enz) #1

Hello AppSheet Community,

I have now a bigger project going on.

And I’m struggeling with a kind of log / history book I wanna create.

What I want is that I have a task with different “Status” like New, Accepted, On hold, Finished, etc.

Everytime someone changes this Status I want the App to write a Row into a referenced table with the chosen State, Time and User who did this.

So that everytime I can go into the task and see what’s the history of this task.

Is this possible to create in AppSheet?

Thanks in advance. Adrian

(Grant Stead) #2

Yes, it’s just sightly complex. The way I handle it is to basically write an entire new record every time… But I have a security filter that only take every records newest time. So I do this with various actions… The user doesn’t even know they’re looking at an entirely new record… In SQL this is accomplished much easier…

(Grant Stead) #3

So, I change the edit action, from edit to link to form that populated all the existing records… You could also do the copy action I think, but there’s always other things I want to manually change programmatically, so I always link to form…

Also, an action can still link to form and change status automatically, they would just need to hit save, I treat this like a confirmation…

(Grant Stead) #4

You can show the system actions, and then modify then

(Adrian Enz) #5

The user should see every entrie, like a history.

I’ve found out that my function works, but it doesn’t trigger correctly I think.

Is it possible to trigger an action every 5 minutes?

(Adrian Enz) #6

Thank you Grant for this response.

I have trouble to grasp your idea correctly.

I’ll know try to do this over the weekend and I would be really happy, if I could contact you maybe when I have some questions.

Thank you really much for the information.

(Grant Stead) #7

@Adrian_Enz Feel free to simply reply to this post, good luck!

(Adrian Enz) #8

Already got one question.

When I set a State and do a Workflow / Action to the form. How can I auto populate the form with the state that was chosen previously?

(Grant Stead) #9

@Adrian_Enz I think I’m hazy on what you mean by set a state… But this article is awesome! https://help.appsheet.com/data/columns/column-type-app-deep-links

(Adrian Enz) #10

I’m sorry, I mean Status.


couldn’t figure out how I can go to his FormView when a Row is Updated.

So when a User presses Save it should go to the FormView and the user is required to fill out this form.

Hope that explains it good enough.

(Adrian Enz) #11

I probably have found an answer to my earlier question.

I know do it as follow: I trigger an action on a Table where I have my “Buildings” saved. It then opens a form view of a table that is referenced to “Buildings” where a user can input updates to a specific building and set e “Status”.

The action that was triggered, triggers a second action that should put in the “Status” field in the “Buildings” table the most recent “Status” from the “Update” table.

The function of the second action looks like this: ANY(SELECT(DB_Workinfo_AVOR[AVOR Status],[Datum / Zeit]=MAX( SELECT(DB_Workinfo_AVOR[Datum / Zeit],[Adresse]=[_THISROW].[Adresse]))))

The first action works perfect and really accomplishes what I want. But the second action just doesn’t work, I can’t get the most recent “Status” value into the other table.

(Grant Stead) #12

You need to have a security filter or a slice filter that is always showing the most recent item… So once they add that new item, the old item is gone, out of their view…

(Grant Stead) #13

I basically replace all of my edit actions to copy and edit actions.