Hello AppSheet Community! My question is reg...

(Tina Darbyshire) #1

Hello AppSheet Community!

My question is regarding Blocking or deleting a user.

I have created a Field Service App.

I did not use one of your prototypes.


created this app and it was put to work with a handful of users.

I have no “Permissions” set up, basically whom ever has had the app shared to them has access to our data and are able to view, change and add but not delete.

My Question is: Is there a way to block or delete a user from accessing the app based on their email log in?

Or in the least give them only viewing rights.

I have an employee with the app on their personal phone and that employee will no longer be with us and we need to stop access.

Also, I have noticed when I went into “Users” that there is another email which I do not recognize whom should not have access and I would like to deny access for security purposes.

(Philip Garrett) #2

You can go to the Security > Require Sign-In pane and set “Require user signin”.

Then go to the Users > Users pane and add

each of your approved user’s email addresses.

If you are using Google as you authentication provider, each user will need a Gmail account. We support other authentication providers besides Google as described in the documentation below.

See intercom.help - Require Sign-In: The Essentials

See https://intercom.help/appsheet/security/user-access-control/granting-application-access

See https://intercom.help/appsheet/security/user-access-control/revoking-application-access Require Sign-In: The Essentials intercom.help

(Tina Darbyshire) #3

Thank you!

I will check out the links you have provided.

I knew it was right in front of me.

We have been adding users by using the share button.

I will add them using this way now.

This app was sort of created by “accident” when looking for a signature solution.

It was a hit and was implemented and is in testing. now I’m going backwards as requirements change and trying to fine tune.