Hello AppSheet community What things can inhi...

(Alfredo Pou) #1

Hello AppSheet community What things can inhibit the “Initial Value”? Conditions like Show If or Required If, or Display Name, can interfere with showing the Initial Value? I’ve been trying to detect for several months because they did not show up and could not find the solution.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Valid_If and Show_If can, Required_If and Display Name no.

(Alfredo Pou) #3

That is, if Valid If and Show If are true, would not Initial Value be displayed? For example in the attached images:

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

If they are both TRUE you should be able to see the initial value in a form view if the initial value formula is giving the value.

(Alfredo Pou) #5

It does not show it. Even, as a test, I put only text, and it does not show it either. I have been trying to locate this error for several months without success. It happens to me in several fields of the same table, can there be any option of the table that does not show Initial Value?

(Aleksi Alkio) #6

Are you adding a new record? It won’t do anything if you are editing the record. It will only work when you a new record.

(Alfredo Pou) #7

There is the problem! I thought it was the initial value whenever it was empty! The record is created in another application and it is only adding information by editing other fields. In what way could you include an initial value in edition? Because if the person who withdraws the product, is the same one who bought it, the client’s data would be the same as the person who withdrew (initial values), otherwise the data of the person withdrawing would have to be taken. This would avoid manually entering data that already exists when the buyer withdraws. Is there any way to do it?