Hello appsheet Expert, Bug report: Format r...

(fdv durieu) #1

Hello appsheet Expert,

Bug report:

Format rules on filter list. I have a field “Actif” and when the value is Y I want the icon in green. When the list comes in the app no problem. When you search values in the list the color is not updated and it is false. I added the reverse rule, grey color when actif =‘N’ but it doesn’t solve the issue.

Any solution?

Thanks for your help.


(Reza Raoofi) #2

Yes, thanks for reporting; I have also found out format rules that change the color for TEXTICON() are pretty buggy, and often takes switching back and forth to other views to finally show them in right expected color; I suggest for the time being just use that format rule to add one of the standard format rule icons, or change the text color, and leave the TEXTICON() column be its default grey color. @Sarah_Gould_AppSheet