Hello AppSheet ! In my App, im using the Lat...

(Kenan Dada) #1

Hello AppSheet !

In my App, im using the LatLong and the Directions calculator, and in one of your apps i saw that you are using the code HERE() in the App Formula section.

i tried to use the code HERE() in the Spreadsheet formula section, i didnt notice a big change, but when i was reading the Help document i realized that the difference between App formula and the initial value will be effective only when the user adds or edits the data.

now, my app doesnt enable the user to edit any thing, its only read only data and the location will be changed when the user changes his location and presses the Sync button.

my questions are:

-What option is better for the location detection when the app loads or when the user presses Sync button?

-What should i do to to insure that the app will calculate the distance as much automatically as possible?


(Aleksi Alkio) #2

If the HERE() is as initial value, it will trigger the location only when new record is added.if you have it in normal column as app formula, it will be triggered when you create a new record or you modify it. If you use virtual column for that purpose, it will be triggered every time you sync the app. You should think carefully where to put that expression so it won’t do that all the time and for every record.