Hello Appsheet team, I wonder if Appsheet cou...

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Hello Appsheet team, I wonder if Appsheet could handle this context. I have several data which need to be syncronized every minute (lots of values pushed by sensors for the last 24h). The best think is the App call for data and sync only what is requested at the right time, but I don’t think appsheet can do this,am I wrong? So should I download all data for every update? We talk about a million of data (my current datasource is mongodb). The questions are: 1. Could Appsheet manage so many data (I don’t think spreadsheets are suitable for this and I’m not sure if data have to be transferred in these)? 2. How could syncro work to show and update data into the app so frequently and with the lowest latency for users (supposed to be technicians)? Can you help me to clarify the situation. Thanks!

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@sergio_f Hi Sergio, I’m afraid we do not support MongoDB at the moment. Currently, the only NoSQL database that we support is DynamoDB. If you can migrate your data to a SQL database, we do support MySQL, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and Oracle.

For apps that use data from SQL databases, AppSheet should be able to handle relatively large databases. In terms of syncing, you can either configure the app to automatically sync every 30 minutes, or you can ask your technicians to manually sync the app at regular intervals.

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Hi @Harry Even migrating my data to SQL database, my doubt is about sync. Users from device can manually sync but does the App download all data (all database) every time or is there the possibility to update changes only (all the tables are ‘read only’)? For example, my database contains a million of data and only few of them (like ten values) are updated every 5 minutes. If the App has to download the entire database I imagine sync needs too much time. If I’ve well understood, weebook doesn’t solve the problem. Meanwhile, I’m reading about some updating upcoming to sync between cloud and App.

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@sergio_f If you have a very large database, you will need to limit the amount of data that will be loaded from the database into the app. There are 2 main ways to do this, which are described in the articles below:

help.appsheet.com - Scaling Using Security Filters

https://help.appsheet.com/performance-scale-reliability/scaling-to-large-data-sets/scaling-using-data-partitions Scaling Using Security Filters help.appsheet.com

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@Harry Thanks for your help. I’ll try to understand which is the best solution for my needs…