Hello AppSheet Users, I am trying to create ...

(Apex Hub) #1

Hello AppSheet Users,

I am trying to create a simple ‘Clock In’ app.

I have a list of Students who each have a row in the app. Every row contains a column for the ‘Student Name’, the ‘Clock in’ button (True/False), ‘Current Time’ and ‘Current Date’.

I would like it so that when a student presses Yes on the ‘Clock in’ button, it saves the ‘Current Time’ as well as the ‘Current Date’ on a separate table under their name. The table is called ‘Log’ which has a row for every student and keeps a log of every time a Student has clocked in.

How can I achieve something like this? Thanks in advance for any replies.

(Simon Robinson) #2

Just have one table for now with the following columns and their types: Student Name = ENUM Clock In = Y/N Current Time = Time Current Date = Date

The user selects their name from the ENUM list

Initial_Value for Clock in [FALSE]

Initial_Value for Current Time IF([Current Time]=TRUE,Now(),"")

Initial_Value for Current Date [Current Date]=TRUE,Today(),"")

get that working then go for something more complicated :slight_smile: