Hello AppSheet Users, I have been working on...

(Eric) #1

Hello AppSheet Users,

I have been working on an app which registers test results for students. I’ve made a ‘Text’ column which allows the user to enter a percentage that a student got for their test. However once the percentage is entered, the app automatically changes it into a decimal number.

For example, if I entered that a student got 85% on their test, the app would change it into 0.85. How can I make it so that the app leaves the number as a percentage?

Please note that I cannot change the ‘Text’ type column into a ‘Percentage’ type column because if a student doesn’t pass a test, they would have to redo it. This means that we would input both results under the same column. For example, if a student scored 30% on the test and then re-done it and got 80%, we would input it as “30%-80%”. The percentage type column doesn’t allow you to do that so I have to use the text column type.

Any replies are appreciated.

(Philip Garrett) #2


Have you considered having two percent fields? One for the original score. Another for the retest score. That is the more database centric approach.

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #3

Hi @Eric, Please explore if following observation helpsyou with testing done on Google sheet as a back end.

One column T%1 is defined as text in AppSheet and defined as “Plain Text” in Google sheets.

Another column T%2

is defined as text in AppSheet and defined as “Automatic” in Google sheets.

The first column as expected retains the entered text as it is. You may

explore setting column as “Plain Text” type or equivalent

in your app’s back end spreadsheet /DB as well. as well.