Hello AppSheet Users, I have created a regis...

(Eric) #1

Hello AppSheet Users,

I have created a register app which tracks the attendance of students. When teachers make entries for the students, the select whether the student was present or not. Then, in the ‘Students’ Table, it devides the amount of times a student was present by the total amount of lessons. This gives me a total attendance percentage for a particular student.

However, I have been wondering if it is possible for me to search the attendance by date range. At the moment, the attendance is based on all of the lessons. Is it possible to be able to check a student’s particular attendance based on the date. For example, if I chose 01/07/18 - 31/07/18 then it would give me the total attendance for only July. How could I achieve something like this?

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Eric, You may wish to take a look at the sample app mentioned below.

On the lines of sample app, you can create a one row update only type table,titled say DateFilter with [ID] column(say 1) , [From Date] and [To Date] columns of Date type.

If you have attendance table with Attendance dates column name say [Attendance Date], please create a slice on this table, say slice

titled RanegDate,

Now in this slice’s row filter condition, please enter an expression

AND([Attendance Date]>=ANY(DateFilter[From Date]),[Attendance Date]<=ANY(DateFilter[To Date]))

when you enter from and to dates in the DateFilter table, this slice will show you records within those dates.

appsheet.com - Slice based on user input - Allow the user to filter a view based on a form

Hope this helps.

Slice based on user input - Allow the user to filter a view based on a form appsheet.com

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Another way is the Usersettings. It needs the slice as well as Mr Suvrut described, but you can save your dates in your device and an additional table is not needed.